Silver Peak’s VRX appliances are the first and only virtual WAN optimization devices designed for the rigors of data center deployment. 

With industry leading capacity and built-in support for all popular Storage Area Network (SAN) and Network Attached Storage (NAS) replication applications, Silver Peak VRX appliances meet the requirements of  today’s most demanding data center-to-data center initiatives, including data replication, data migration, and disaster recovery.

Silver Peak VRX appliances leverage the same advanced real-time network optimization technology as Silver Peak NX and VX appliances to overcome common WAN challenges that adversely impact data center initiatives. This includes Network Acceleration to overcome WAN latency, Network Integrity to correct packet delivery issues and intelligently allocate WAN resources, and Network Memory™ to maximize WAN bandwidth utilization.

By running as a virtual machine, VRX appliances leverage all the benefits of server virtualization, which include ease of deployment, reduced hardware costs, mobility, and high availability.

VRX Brief :: PDF File VRX Product Brief

Silver Peak

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