Silver Peak's NX appliances were designed to meet the rigorous WAN optimization requirements of  large enterprises, delivering the industry's top performance, scalability, and reliability.

Unique Advantages;

  • High Capacity: Silver Peak's NX appliances scale from Mbps to Gbps of WAN capacity in a single device. At the high end, Silver Peak's NX appliances deliver over three times the LAN/WAN throughput, disk capacity, and simultaneous flows as the next closest WAN optimization solution. This makes Silver Peak the most cost effective WAN optimization solution for large networks.
  • Optimize ALL IP applications: Silver Peak NX appliances optimize all IP traffic regardless of transport protocol and application software version. Silver Peak's optimization techniques minimize latency, making them ideal for real-time applications like Voice over IP (VoIP), video, and VDI in addition to traditional file, email and web traffic.

NX Features

All NX appliances support Silver Peak's real-time Network Acceleration, Network Integrity (including QoS), and Network Memory features to overcome common WAN bandwidth, latency and quality challenges. 

NX Brief :: PDF File NX Product Brief

Silver Peak

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