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SafeNet is a global leader in information security, protecting data at rest, data in motion, data in use, software and license management with the broadest range of security solutions in the world. The Company protects critical business data, communications, financial transactions, and digital identities through a full spectrum of encryption technologies.

eToken Virtual


eToken Virtual is software-based two-factor authentication security solution that providesfull PKI functionality for secure remote access, network access, and digital signing.

eToken Virtual works with eToken PKI Client and eToken TMS to provide a fully managed software smart card implementation with the security benefits and functionality associated with a hardware-based smart card. Just like the hardware-based eToken PRO, the eToken TMS can include PKI key pairs and certificates, as well as single sign-on profiles.

eToken Virtual’s security features ensure a high degree of software-based security and integrity:

  • AES Encryption – Keys and certificates can be securely created and stored in eToken Virtual, ensuring they are never exposed to an unsecured computing environment. The contents of eToken Virtual are separated into public and private. Public contents are openly available, and private data is encrypted using the AES 128 algorithm.
  • Device Locking - The contents of eToken Virtual are locked at time of provisioning to a specific storage device or to the PC in use. Once locked, neither eToken Virtual nor its contents can be copied to a different storage device.
  • Policy Data Signing – eToken Virtual enforces password complexity according to organizational policies. To prevent tampering, the policies are digitally signed using the RSA 2048 key.
  • Memory Protection – eToken Virtual is always stored in non-swappable memory to prevent content being written to disk.
  • Key Deletion - Before deleting an eToken Virtual file from the file system, all the private data is replaced by random data and rewritten to disk to ensure no trace remains.

eToken Virtual Brief :: PDF File eToken Virtual Product Brief



What is MobilePASS?

Whether they’re inside or outside your organization’s four walls, you need to find a way to provide authorized users with access to network applications and online services — securely.

MobilePASS One-Time Password (OTP) software authentication solutions combine the security of proven two-factor strong authentication with the convenience of one-time passwords generated on a personal mobile device or PC, allowing you to easily and cost-effectively expand the range of online services offered to employees, customers, and partners.

How MobilePASS Works


Supporting both mobile devices and Windows desktops, MobilePASS offers a convenient and simple method for one-time password delivery.

To log on to a secure network from a laptop or PC, users simply use the quick launch MobilePASS application on their mobile device to generate a one-time password that can then be entered in the login screen to enable secure access. MobilePASS also offers OOB authentication through the delivery of one-time passwords via SMS  or e-mail.

MobilePASS also works for Windows desktops. Users simply generate a one-time password from their desktop and use it to log in securely to the desired application.



MobilePASS Brief :: PDF File MobilePASS Product Brief


Safeword 2008


SafeWord 2008 is an out-of-the-box One-Time Password (OTP) two-factor authentication solution that enables secure remote access to your organization’s most sensitive and confidential resources.

With the push of a button, SafeWord authenticators generate a highly secure, one-time password that can never be re-used, hacked, or compromised. The password’s two-factor authentication mechanism ensures that only properly authenticated users can access critical applications and data whether they reside in your data center, the cloud or virtualized environments.

All-in-one Solution

SafeWord 2008 offers both hardware and mobile authenticators, as well as management software and maintenance, in an all-in-one OTP authentication solution that is easy to install, use and manage.

Embedded Cloud Support

SafeWord 2008 allows you to seamlessly extend secure access to cloud-based SaaS applications such as GoolgeApps and using the same easy-to-install and maintain management software and authenticators that you use for secure VPN and Citrix access.

Supports Hardware and Mobile Authenticators

SafeWord 2008 supports a range of hardware and mobile authenticators that can be deployed side by side or incrementally as needed. These include:

  • eToken PASS (Time-sync and Event-based hardware token)
  • MobilePASS (Software OTP and OOB solution)
  • GOLD (Challenge Response OTP device) 

Effective Management through Active Directory

SafeWord 2008 provides seamless integration with Active Directory and enables organizations to leverage existing Windows environments to implement a simple and straightforward authentication solution includinguser self-help and enrollment capabilities, facilitating simplified deployment and maintenance.

Additional management capabilities are available with the Enterprise Solution Pack (ESP) which lets you manage users outside of Microsoft Active Directory. 

Supported Solutions:

  • Secure remote access for employees 
  • Secure remote access for partners and customers 
  • Transaction security 

Safeword 2008 Brief :: PDF File Safeword 2008 Product Brief

SafeNet Authentication Manager


The SafeNet Authentication Manager 8.0 (formerly eToken TMS) provides organizations with a comprehensive platform to manage the full authentication life cycle across the enterprise and extend strong authentication to the cloud using a single, integrated system.

Offering the basis for an organization’s smooth transition to cloud-based authentication, together with the broadest range of authentication solutions, SafeNet Authentication Manager (SAM) creates a flexible authentication infrastructure designed to evolve with your business’ changing needs.

SafeNet Authentication Manager offers complete support for SafeNet’s extensive portfolio of One-Time Password (OTP), software and certificate-based (PKI) authenticators enabling
organizations to deploy OTP for remote access today and expand seamlessly to support more advanced security solutions in the future. SafeNet Authentication Manager’s capabilities include central, delegated, and self-service interfaces that allow customized
levels of service and functionality to different tiers of users and administrators.

Extend Strong Authentication to Cloud Computing

Increasingly, more corporate applications are migrating to cloud computingenvironments and using SaaS based applications, necessitating a flexible and extensible strong authentication
solution ensuring that corporate data and applications remain secure while also enabling easy user access to these cloud-based services.

SafeNet Authentication Manager provides a seamless, consistent strong authentication experience for enterprise users who want to access SaaS applications such as GoogleApps and (SFDC). By federating an enterprise user’s identity via the Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) identity protocol, SafeNet Authentication Manager leverages your existing authentication infrastructure so that end-users can use the same logon credentials for
both on-premise and cloud-based applications. By securing user access to cloud applications using their enterprise identity, organizations maintain control over a critical security element
and can enable or disable access using their on-premise identity infrastructure, thereby ensuring a cost-effective and user-friendly solution.

Enable Business Anywhere

The success of your organization depends on your ability to give authorized customers, partners and employees access to online applications, corporate networks, and business portals from anywhere. With support for web-based, user self-enrollment capabilities and easy-to-use OTP and certificate-based clientless and software authentication solutions, SafeNet Authentication Manager not only makes anywhere access a reality, it makes it simple to manage - no matter the number of users or authenticators.

SafeNet Authentication Manager Brief :: PDF File SafeNet Authentication Manager Product Brief



Designed to protect identities and secure access, SafeNet’s GOLD authenticator is a highly effective two-factor OTP device that offers the added security of PIN protection and challenge response.

Straightforward to use, yet offering an added layer of security beyond regular one-time passwords, the GOLD is activated with a personal identification number (PIN), which prompts the authenticator to provide a one-time, dynamic password. The user then enters this password into the Web or network application to authenticate their identity.

The GOLD authenticator gives online services providers, such as banks, payment portals and brokers/dealers, a highly secure means of offering their customers a protected online environment for carrying out financial transactions and accessing confidential information.

In addition to offering PIN protection, GOLD’s advanced OTP and challenge response capabilities are designed to combat online fraud such as phishing, and help online service providers and banks maintain password integrity by making it more difficult for customers to loose or share passwords. The challenge response mechanism requires users to validate a numeric challenge on their GOLD authenticator. Only after validation, does the GOLD generate an OTP passcode which is used to complete the authentication procedure.

Flexible and Scalable Management

The GOLD authenticator is available with the SafeWord 2008 “out of the box” OTP authentication solution suite, or with the SafeNet Authentication Manager enterprise platform. Both management platforms offer flexibility and scalability, allowing organizations to centrally manage GOLD with other SafeNet authenticators, or add these in the future as business needs grow.

GOLD OTP Brief :: PDF File GOLD OTP Product Brief

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