What is MobilePASS?

Whether they’re inside or outside your organization’s four walls, you need to find a way to provide authorized users with access to network applications and online services — securely.

MobilePASS One-Time Password (OTP) software authentication solutions combine the security of proven two-factor strong authentication with the convenience of one-time passwords generated on a personal mobile device or PC, allowing you to easily and cost-effectively expand the range of online services offered to employees, customers, and partners.

How MobilePASS Works


Supporting both mobile devices and Windows desktops, MobilePASS offers a convenient and simple method for one-time password delivery.

To log on to a secure network from a laptop or PC, users simply use the quick launch MobilePASS application on their mobile device to generate a one-time password that can then be entered in the login screen to enable secure access. MobilePASS also offers OOB authentication through the delivery of one-time passwords via SMS  or e-mail.

MobilePASS also works for Windows desktops. Users simply generate a one-time password from their desktop and use it to log in securely to the desired application.



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