Varied Performance and BUS Interface

SafeNet ProtectServer Gold is a PCI-X compliant expansion card, while SafeNet ProtectServer Internal-Express is a PCI Express x4 compliant card. Both HSMs offer different performance levels to meet varied system requirements.

Wide Range of Cryptographic Processing

ProtectServer HSMs provide secure storage and a dedicated cryptographic processor to delivery high-speed processing for cryptographic operations and transaction speeds. Both offer a wide range of cryptographic services, including: 

  • Encryption
  • User and data authentication
  • Message integrity
  • Secure key storage and key management for eCommerce
  • PKI
  • Document managment
  • Electronic Bill presentation and payment
  • Database encryption
  • Financial EFT transactions, and more.

Extensive APIs

Users and developers can facilitate seamless integration of cryptography and HSMs into a large array of pre-integrated third-party solutions or custom applications. The Customization Software Development Kit (ProtectProcessing) enables the development, download, and storage of custom-specific functionality modules (FMs) inside the secure boundary of the HSM.

Reduced Deployment Cost

Convenient administration reduces integration costs and time to deployment.  Management is secure and easy to perform. Smart cards provide the highest security and administrative convenience for secure backup, recovery, and transfer of cryptographic keys and upgrades, which can be cost-efficiently performed at the in-field location, avoiding the need to return the product to the service location.


ProtectServer Internal Brief :: PDF File ProtectServer Internal Product Brief

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