The SafeNet Luna G5 joins a hardware security module (HSM) product line-up widely used by governments, financial institutions and large enterprises for data, applications and digital identities to reduce risk and ensure regulatory compliance.

The Luna G5 HSM builds upon the Luna product family’s long standing industry-validated security capabilities and introduces a new design generation to the SafeNet HSM family. The new design directly connects the HSM to the application server via a USB interface.

  • Backup through Luna key cloning
  • Industry-leading key management in a portable appliance
  • All key material exclusively in hardware
  • Convenient and secure form factor: on-board key storage in a small appliance can hold PKI root key
  • Luna G5 includes a FIPS 140-2 L2 & L3 cryptographic module (validation in process)
  • Includes a CC EAL 4+ cryptographic module (certification in process)


Luna G5 Brief :: PDF File Luna G5 Product Brief 

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