Maintain PKI Integrity

The SafeNet Luna CA4 addresses the security and operational needs required to maintain the integrity of PKIs with true hardware key management, trusted path multi-person authentication, and direct hardware-to-hardware backup.

Optimal Root Key Protection

The SafeNet Luna CA4 offers the strictest hardware security for Certificate Authorities (CAs) issuing digital identities in PKIs. Luna CA4 protects the PKI root key and performs all key management, key storage, and key operations (such as digital signing) exclusively within hardware.

Comprehensive security policies, split user roles, and two-factor, trusted path authentication prevent unauthorized access to critical root keys. Direct hardware-to-hardware backup permits auditable backups of key material for backup and disaster recovery.

Integrates with Leading Certificate Authority Software

Tight integration with leading Certificate Authority software makes it easy to add security and integrity to enterprise PKIs:

  • Microsoft
  • Entrust
  • VeriSign
  • RSA; and more


Luna CA4 Brief :: PDF File Luna CA4 Product Brief

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