Across a range of industries, protecting confidential data such as bank account numbers, member IDs, and social security numbers is of vital importance. Encryption solutions based on the SafeNet DataSecure appliance can play a central role in protecting that data throughout its lifecycle, as it is created, accessed, stored, and shared. To add extra protection for confidential data while reducing the time and cost for achieving regulatory compliance , many organizations will benefit from integrating tokenization for PCI compliance into their SafeNet solution. 

SafeNet Tokenization Manager helps supplement SafeNet encryption solutions by facilitating smooth application performance and transparent end-user operation while keeping encrypted information secure in one central location. For countries with data privacy laws that require sensitive data remain in-country, tokenization offers the flexibility to offshore storage without compromising on compliance . SafeNet Tokenization Manager offers a range of integration options so you can protect multiple types of data without affecting critical IT components. SafeNet Tokenization Manager also helps simplify audit compliance by reducing the number of auditable systems.

Format-preserving tokenization

Employed for online credit card transactions or transmission of other sensitive data, tokenization works by replacing sensitive data with tokens that retain essential information. With tokenization, you can enable databases, applications, and users to interact with sensitive data without exposing the clear text. Tokenization technology converts the senstitive data to an encrypted token in the same format as the original data, allowing the application to operate seamlessly. Masking features can also be maintained if a subset of the data needs to be available for authentication.

Audit-scope reduction

When facing an audit for PCI compliance , many organizations must identify and certify regulatory compliance for each server where sensitive data resides. Because SafeNet Tokenization Manager replaces sensitive data in databases and applications with token values, there are fewer servers to audit. Reducing the scope of audits will help save you time and money.

Flexible data protection

SafeNet Tokenization Manager can protect a broad range of information, from credit card numbers, national IDs, and medical records to vehicle driver information, voter registration, and electronic transactions. A variety of integration options give you the flexibility to choose the right security technique for your environment while enabling you to protect more data types without affecting business logic, database architecture, storage systems, or other critical enterprise components. Production data can be moved or replicated to test environments with no additional process to de-identify or mask data while keeping data protected and not incurring any additional processing costs.


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