SafeNet ProtectDB software delivers powerful protection for the sensitive corporate and customer information stored in databases. With ProtectDB, organizations have the flexibility to encrypt data at multiple levels and during multiple processes. Centralized key management provided with the integrated SafeNet DataSecure solution helps tighten security and simplifies the encryption of data in virtually any number of databases across heterogeneous environments often found in data centers. Working together, ProtectDB with DataSecure help organizations attain the highest level of security available in a commercial database encryption solution.

Secure collaboration

ProtectDB helps to facilitate secure collaboration with comprehensive protection of the structured data. With ProtectDB, organizations gain the flexibility to encrypt data at the file, or column, level in databases, within the application layer, and during batch-driven data transformation and transaction processes.  

Persistent protection

By combining ProtectDB with DataSecure, organizations can ensure that encrypted data remains secure throughout its life cycle while enabling authorized users and processes to decrypt the record when needed. Lifecycle protection increases overall security and facilitates collaboration by eliminating points of vulnerability outside the database.  

Separation of duties

Most regulatory mandates require the separation of security administration from database administration to avoid the risks of "super-user" access. ProtectDB allows for "M of N" policies, which prevent any single administrator from making critical configuration changes without additional approvals of other administrators.

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