SafeNet ProtectApp offers the highest level of application security available in a commercial encryption solution for business applications like customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), and human capital management (HCM). With ProtectApp, you can achieve persistent protection of information by combining proven encryption algorithms with granular, policy-based security. Data is secured transparently, without affecting application performance or the user experience. Centralized key and policy management provided with the integrated SafeNet DataSecure  appliance enables administrators to support a large number of applications.

Policy-driven access

ProtectApp and DataSecure provide granular, policy-driven security to ensure that only authorized, authenticated users and systems can interact with sensitive application data. Administrators can set policies defining which data types are protected, which applications can see and interact with data in the clear, and more. Policies can be defined by user, by role, by time-of-day, by data type, providing better control.

Centralized management

By centralizing key and policy management, ProtectApp and DataSecure simplify administration and tighten security. Reducing the number of places where keys reside also dramatically reduces the potential threats to application security. At the same time, ProtectApp gives you the choice to either offloading cryptographic functions to DataSecure or encrypt locally which helps to ensure that application performance does not suffer as a result of security processes. With ProtectApp and DataSecure, you can support a large number of applications across your enterprise.

Efficient encryption

To move large amounts of sensitive data in and out of data stores rapidly, administrators can capitalize on the DataSecure’s ability to do the encryption and decryption of specific fields in bulk within the flat files that can contain millions of records. By focusing on select fields, you can encrypt and decrypt data efficiently, in a fraction of the time that it might take for the entire file. DataSecure also can be used to encrypt the entire binary files when you do not need field-level granularity.

Collaboration enabled

Your applications are at the core of your business. They enable you to provide services, collaborate with partners, and facilitate employee productivity. With ProtectApp, you can make sure the data created, accessed, and modified by applications remains secure at all times, so you can stay focused on using information to achieve your business goals.


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