SafeNet EdgeSecure appliances provide an efficient and cost-effective solution for protecting data across hundreds or thousands of retail stores, remote facilities, or branch offices. With flexible integration, streamlined management, and enterprise-grade reliability, EdgeSecure solutions enable you to bring robust security to the far reaches of the enterprise.

Robust security

EdgeSecure addresses a broad range of data security threats by employing multiple types of encryption and providing secure policy and key management, all from a single appliance. EdgeSecure also enables segregation of duties to avoid potential problems arising from “privileged-user” status. By using EdgeSecure in remote locations, you can raise your level of protection throughout your business.

Streamlined management

Extending robust security to remote locations shouldn’t add IT complexity or require you to hire extra personnel. EdgeSecure helps simplify security management by enabling automated and transparent integration of security with applications. Centralized key and policy management streamline ongoing maintenance, tighten security, and help ensure regulatory compliance.

Performance and reliability

EdgeSecure appliances offload processing-intensive cryptographic functions from servers, enabling applications to perform at optimal levels even in the most demanding environments. Load balancing, failover, and disaster recovery capabilities help ensure high availability of security functions.

Flexible, multi-tier integration

With EdgeSecure, you can incorporate encryption and access control easily at the Web, application, and database level. With support for several leading, standards-based cryptographic algorithms, EdgeSecure lets you use a single appliance to support multi-vendor environments.

EdgeSecure Brief :: PDF File EdgeSecure Product Brief

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