SafeWord 2008 is an out-of-the-box One-Time Password (OTP) two-factor authentication solution that enables secure remote access to your organization’s most sensitive and confidential resources.

With the push of a button, SafeWord authenticators generate a highly secure, one-time password that can never be re-used, hacked, or compromised. The password’s two-factor authentication mechanism ensures that only properly authenticated users can access critical applications and data whether they reside in your data center, the cloud or virtualized environments.

All-in-one Solution

SafeWord 2008 offers both hardware and mobile authenticators, as well as management software and maintenance, in an all-in-one OTP authentication solution that is easy to install, use and manage.

Embedded Cloud Support

SafeWord 2008 allows you to seamlessly extend secure access to cloud-based SaaS applications such as GoolgeApps and using the same easy-to-install and maintain management software and authenticators that you use for secure VPN and Citrix access.

Supports Hardware and Mobile Authenticators

SafeWord 2008 supports a range of hardware and mobile authenticators that can be deployed side by side or incrementally as needed. These include:

  • eToken PASS (Time-sync and Event-based hardware token)
  • MobilePASS (Software OTP and OOB solution)
  • GOLD (Challenge Response OTP device) 

Effective Management through Active Directory

SafeWord 2008 provides seamless integration with Active Directory and enables organizations to leverage existing Windows environments to implement a simple and straightforward authentication solution includinguser self-help and enrollment capabilities, facilitating simplified deployment and maintenance.

Additional management capabilities are available with the Enterprise Solution Pack (ESP) which lets you manage users outside of Microsoft Active Directory. 

Supported Solutions:

  • Secure remote access for employees 
  • Secure remote access for partners and customers 
  • Transaction security 

Safeword 2008 Brief :: PDF File Safeword 2008 Product Brief

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