Invincea™ Browser Protection combats zero-day malware driven by spear-phishing, drive by downloads, poisoned search results and more...


Invincea™ Browser Protection shields your network from the largest attack surface for breach by seamlessly moving desktop web browsers into a controlled virtual environment.


Containment: Invincea takes the most highly targeted application in your network (the web browser) and seamlessly contains it in a fully virtualised environment. Running a virtual machine local to the desktop, Invincea creates a completely segregated operating system in which the web browser operates. By creating this specialised virtual environment, Invincea contains all malware - whether zero-day or known - and prevents it from attacking the host operating system as a pathway to breach and lateral movement in your network.


Signature-Free Detection: Unlike other solutions, Invincea does not rely on malware signatures for detection. Instead, it automatically identifies malware attacks based on behaviours and actions inside the contained, controlled and segregated environment. As a result, Invincea can detect zero-day attacks in real-time and thwart those attacks with ease.


Prevention: Literally the second that malicious behaviour is identified, Invincea stops the attack dead in its tracks. An infection alert is provided to the user - but Invincea does not ask the user to make a security decision. Rather, we begin an automatic restoration process. During this restoration process, Invincea discards of the tainted virtual environment and completely rebuilds from a pristine, gold clean state. This process takes no longer than 20 seconds and the user is back up and running on the Internet without a call to help desk. Invincea eliminates the need for costly and time consuming desktop reimaging by preventing malware from ever taking root on the host.  


Pre-Crime Forensic Intelligence: As the attack occurs, and during the restoration process, Invincea captures real-time forensic analysis related to the attempted breach. What was the infection pathway? Who was targeted? What did the malware intend to do? How was it written? What command and control channels were established? All of these questions are answered forensically for your security teams...and all of these questions are answered without the breach actually occurring. In this way, Invincea is changing the security paradigm from one of post-facto, crime scene analysis to one of pre-crimes intelligence. Your teams can gather all of the intel they need to inform their decision process moving forward without any detrimental impact to your organisation.


Easy to Use & Deploy: The Invincea secure browsing environment has the same look and feel as your unprotected browser, with no difference in use and negligible performance impact. Invincea Browser Protection can be easily distributed and updated using your existing desktop management system.

Invincea Browser Protection Brief :: PDF File Invincea Browser Protection Brief


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