Switch Port Intelligence Appliance

The Infoblox PortIQ™ appliance enables you to quickly discover your inventory of Ethernet switch ports network-wide so that you can intelligently optimize your infrastructure rather than “flying blind” as you make new switch purchase decisions. With PortIQ, you can quickly discover which switch ports are under-utilized and where you have excess capacity. You can also protect and quickly troubleshoot your LAN environment with PortIQ, which enables you to do the following:

  • Easily locate and unplug a device marked as a security risk by a firewall
  • Learn where there are open network drops in common areas and meeting rooms
  • While troubleshooting network problems on a device, determine port speed and status without having to physically trace the cable from the device to the switch

PortIQ’s granular level of network monitoring assists you in making informed decisions as you troubleshoot, manage, secure and upgrade your Ethernet switch environment. It provides you with the following information about your switches and switch ports:

  • Switch Name
  • Switch Port
  • Switch Description
  • VLAN Name
  • VLAN Number
  • Switch Status
  • Port Speed/Duplex
  • Link Status
  • First Seen/Last Seen Time Stamps

PortIQ Brief :: PDF File PortIQ Product Brief

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