Automated Network Change and Configuration Management

NetMRI is a network management product focused on network change and configuration management (NCCM). It enables you to automate network change, see the impact of changes on network health, manage network configurations and meet a variety of compliance requirements. Offering physical and virtual appliance deployment options, NetMRI audits multi-vendor infrastructures, identifies anomalies early, speeds resolution and automates network changes, allowing you to do the following:

  • Determine how change impacts both network health and compliance
  • Maintain a predictable and consistent network with embedded best practices and proactive monitoring
  • Increase staff efficiency via automation, problem isolation and improved remediation options
  • Put a stop to user complaints and network issues
  • With a single click, generate reports to check your adherence to PCI DSS, SOX and other regulatory compliance mandates as well as to internal policies

Instead of manually pushing and logging changes, like some network administration software, you can use NetMRI to automate network data collection, analysis and reporting of network infrastructure devices to greatly improve the efficiency and predictability of your network.

NetMRI Brief :: PDF File NetMRI Product Brief

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