Put some Law & Order into Your B2B Secure Communications

As an integral interface to your customers and partners, and a strategic foundation for supporting your revenue streams, MFT and B2B connections are vital to the success of your business. But in many cases, gaining control over file-transfer chaos is like herding cats – it’s nearly impossible.

A wide variety of MFT patterns and use cases handled through a combination of point-to-point processes, vanilla FTP sites, cobbled-together quick fixes, and expensive legacy mechanisms such as leased lines, frame relay connections, and modem pools has created virtual anarchy for many enterprises, especially as the volume of data and the number of partners and processes grows, and standards continue to evolve. In addition, emerging interaction patterns such as human-to-human and human-to-system are compounding complexity with requirements for new systems, management, and governance.

Disjointed connections not only place strain on your infrastructure, your budget, and your staff, but they also open up security holes that put data at risk and undermine compliance with government and industry regulations. And because they are hard to manage, they can’t adequately support your business process requirements or give you the visibility you need to track communications and transactions and quickly address issues when they arise.

The time to move from the reactive projects that have fueled the chaos to a strategic approach is now. Axway B2B gateways bring order to chaos with the industry’s most comprehensive enterprise MFT solutions. They enable you to create manageable, secure, and auditable two-way communications channels over the Internet and private IP networks — with anyone you do business with.

With an Axway B2B gateway providing centralized governance for your entire file-transfer infrastructure, you can:

  • Automate the flow of information with customers, suppliers, distributors, and partners — without the high cost of VANs, additional infrastructure, or proprietary software.
  • Upgrade and consolidate connections with a multi-tiered enterprise-class architecture that easily scales to support increasing data volumes, expansion across multiple business units, and growing customer and partner communities.
  • Ensure that your data is secured in transit, in the DMZ, and at rest on the server, regardless of the underlying transport network. All user connections are strongly authenticated and data integrity and guaranteed delivery are assured — whether the user makes infrequent transfers via a Web browser or EndPoint client such as Axway Secure Client, or uses client automation for batch and scheduled transfers.
  • Align and enforce your compliance efforts with internal efficiency and automation initiatives that reduce costs.
  • Utilize industry-recognized standards such as ebMS, EDIINT (ASx). For many years, Axway has been the reference standard for Drummond Group’s eBusinessReady™ program, allowing companies to migrate their partners and customers from expensive EDI VANs and async/bisync dial-up connections to a low-cost Internet-based MFT solution with comprehensive security, management and reporting.
  • Offer automated file delivery to complement interactive Web portals for partners, customers, and employees.
  • Speed transaction turnaround times and significantly reduce error rates.
  • Gain comprehensive end-to-end visibility into all process and data flows.

Axway Managed File Transfer (MFT) solutions are optimized to enable secure, auditable, and easy-to-manage Business-to-Business (B2B), Application-to-Application (A2A), and ad hoc information exchange within your existing infrastructures.

Axway gateways include:

  • Interchange, a high performance B2B gateway ideal for organizations that need to create and manage sophisticated B2B communities with hundreds of business partners and multiple business units, across distributed geographic locations.
  • SecureTransport, a highly scalable, flexible and secure multi-protocol directory-based solution for integrating processes, data, and file-based workflows throughout your global enterprise infrastructure.
  • Gateway, with built-in support for industry-specific protocols, including ETEBAC and EBICS.
  • Specialized B2Bi gateways for the financial services, life sciences, andautomotive markets.
  • Robust DMZ Security gateways that secure data as it flows into your enterprise from the Internet and out of your enterprise through your firewall.

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