Safeguarding Internal File Transfers – A2A Security Begins at Home

On average, 80 percent of an organization’s information is contained in files, many of which are constantly on the move between people, systems, and applications.

Even if your accounting, inventory, payment, product, customer, and sales data isn’t traveling beyond your company’s firewall, you still need a comprehensive solution that allows you to automate, schedule, manage, secure, track, and audit the movement of all this data within your organization. Because despite the notoriety of Internet-related security threats, the fact is that the largest point of attack and compromise remains inside the four walls.

Axway Transfer CFT is one component of Axway’s Application-to-Application (A2A) MFT solution, providing your enterprise with a powerful platform for exchanging files between disparate hardware and software platforms using open protocols – with no application rewrites. A non-intrusive, high-volume file-transfer service that provides a uniform interface to users and applications throughout the enterprise, Axway Transfer CFT delivers:

Business flexibility:

  • Axway Transfer CFT delivers service orientation to allow platforms and applications to remain independent of one another, providing a simple way to leverage SOA for files and to ensure maximum business flexibility for future growth.
  • Axway Transfer CFT allows you to architect your file transfer service your way, whether it’s peer-to-peer or hub-and-spoke leveraging store-and-forward services. Axway Transfer CFT supports event-driven, scheduled, store-and-forward, and push or pull file transfer for business processes over a wide range of open, standards-based Internet protocols. Axway Transfer CFT enables the event-driven enterprise, or helps you become event-driven if you’re not yet there.
  • You can integrate Axway Transfer CFT with other Axway and third-party products to create a solution tailor-made for your specific environment and business requirements.

Visibility and audit trails:

  • Manage your data communications globally with end-to-end visibility. Optional business dashboards allow you to view and react to monitored data exchanges using event-based processing across all major networks, mainframes, servers, desktops, and software applications.
  • Improve quality of service and reduce costs over your entire data exchange environment by detecting and correcting malfunctions in real time, before they become critical.
  • Ensure compliance with regulations that require audit of processes, security, and access, including SOX, HIPAA, PCI, MHLW, EMEA, and GLBA.


  • Maintain consistent data for all mission-critical applications and processes by synchronizing them to deliver the right information to the right places at the right time – with complete security.
  • Automate and audit processes with guaranteed delivery, checkpoint/restart, encryption, and a rich acknowledgement and audit chain.

High performance:

  • Boost productivity by automating and scheduling complicated, event-driven batch processes.
  • Optimize and leverage your existing IT resources for enterprise-wide MFT.

Transfer CFT Brief :: PDF File Transfer CFT Product Brief


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