Axway Secure Messenger analyzes, manages, protects, and reports on email traffic flowing in and out of your organization. Its enterprise-class, component-based architecture includes a state-of-the-art SMTP relay and powerful policy-based content filtering capabilities for improved governance and compliance.

By monitoring messaging at the Internet gateway, Secure Messenger secures both inbound and outbound email streams, whether the channel is gateway-to-gateway, gateway-to-desktop, or Web-based message delivery. To manage the complexities of user authentication for secure message delivery, Secure Messenger provides both its own password enrollment and management services, and integration with existing identity management systems.

With Axway Secure Messenger, your business can:

  • Encrypt and authenticate inbound and outbound email streams based on centralized policies and automated message routing.
  • Deploy secure email capabilities to any employee, customer, or partner with a browser and email client. Secure Messenger's browser-based delivery methods and support for SSL, S/MIME, PGP and TLS encryption protocols deliver the industry’s most accessible email data encryption solution.
  • Guarantee adoption of secure messaging throughout the enterprise by removing the burden of secure messaging from individual users.
  • Eliminate the need for end-user training for email security key or password management.
  • Automate and track message delivery all the way to the recipient’s desktop to create a documented "paper trail" for email compliance and auditing purposes.
  • Provide True Message Recall, enabling senders to recall misaddressed, incomplete, or obsolete messages they no longer want to be available to the recipient.
  • Archive and retrieve messages to prevent legal sanctions and e-discovery costs.
  • Leverage existing email infrastructures for authentication and role discovery.
  • Protect sensitive information right from the desktop, with Desktop Messenger.
  • Easily integrate a branded, secure email application into existing enterprise portals.

Secure Messenger Brief :: PDF File Secure Messenger Product Brief


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