Unlimited Email Archiving Storage in the Cloud

Email is one of the best ways to track discussions and data exchanges between individuals and organizations. So it’s no surprise that in order to comply with a range of governance and transparency regulations, more and more organizations need to enable company email retention for at least five years.

What's more, requirements for archiving don’t just impact Financial Services. Large and small organizations across the board are now seeking to implement some form of archiving, and email archiving technology tops the list due to increasing regulatory compliance, litigation support, storage management and best-practice requirements.

As with any new IT requirement, finding the time and money to get the job done is a challenge, especially in today’s economy.

Axway Archiving is a next-generation hosted archiving solution that provides an affordable, reliable, and secure way to meet that challenge. Axway Archiving is designed to accommodate both email compliance-driven archiving (FRCP, SEC, HIPAA, etc.) and storage resource management needs — you can archive everything for all users.

Next-generation Cloud Infrastructure

Using a global cloud infrastructure, Axway Archiving combines ultra-reliable grid utility storage and elastic virtual computing resources with Web 2.0 technology and design methodologies to provide unlimited, instantly searchable storage that is 100% software-free.

Axway Archiving offers:

  • Support for all messaging systems. Axway Archiving supports Microsoft, Novell, IBM, Zimbra, Scalix, IMail Server, Mailtrust, Keiro and many more, making it a truly future-safe solution.
  • Flexible and reliable replication. A GlobalRAID™ Infrastructure offers immediate replication to eight data centres with optional European storage, and a documented 99.99% up-time SLA.
  • First-rate data security and privacy. Axway Archiving uses U.S. Defense Department standard AES and SSL for encryption, with zero co-mingling of customer data.
  • Unlimited storage at a low fixed price. All Axway Archiving subscription plans include unlimited storage. There are never any hidden fees, so your budget is accurate and predictable from the start.
  • Ease of use, with no training required. Axway Archiving user interfaces are intuitive for users of all skill levels. Extensive self-service online training videos guide users through all tasks. Administrators use a self-service Web interface to configure the system, with no need for engineering assistance.
  • Real-time search capabilities. To cut costs, other hosted archive vendors migrate older data to offline or near-line storage systems, which dramatically increases the amount of time required to execute and complete a search. Axway Archiving keeps all data online and immediately accessible for searches.

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