Cipherline is an Australian based Infrastructure Communications Security company. We are one of a very few organisations around the world that can deliver your Cloud, Data-Center, Data in Motion and Data at Rest security and communications requirements.

Our alliances, credentials and longevity are based on our ability to articulate, deliver and support  the industries most recognised infrastructure security and communications technologies to enterprises across Government, Defence, Finance and the Corporate sector.

There are very few organisations that can claim successful implementations and support of:

  • PKI and PKI enabling technologies
  • Multi-factor authentication solutions
  • Card and Key Management systems
  • SAML, Federated Authentication and Secure Messaging solutions
  • Hardware Security solutions for root, credential, time-stamping, notarization, validation ….
  • Full Disk and Device encryption
  • Mobile Security solutions and
  • Many more specialist security solutions

There are even fewer organisations that understand the ever changing infrastructure security requirements from a legislative, management and auditing perspective let alone the impact that poses within a BPOS, Cloud and Datacenter environment.

Cipherline and its partners bring a wealth of knowledge and capability to our customers. If you’re organisation is interested in gaining an insight on how security can be used as a business enabler or  if you have any questions why not give us a call.



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